UPDATE: We can help teens obtain permit and complete behind-the-wheel requirements (6 hour observation time is eliminated here). Students also can use our online tools to register, schedule appointments and pay. Please always register first and APPOINTMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL A PREPAYMENT IS MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER SCHEDULING.

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Driving Classes in Chicago, IL

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Driving Classes For Teens

Safe driving habits start early. When your child is old enough to get behind the wheel, give us a call. It can be a stressful time for parents when their teenager is ready to start learning to drive, so let us ease some of the anxiety by starting them out right. Our driving classes for teens give students the ability to master correct road procedures and vehicle operations. Some of the most basic driving knowledge are things we take for granted, such as how to corner correctly and reverse safely. Our school teaches teenagers all of the crucial knowledge they need to operate a vehicle with care and consideration for themselves, their passengers, and others on the road.

From the intimidating skill of parallel parking to learning what signs mean and how to navigate, our driving classes for teens offer comprehensive lessons in what it takes to drive a car safely. Give your teenagers the best start on the road with Citizens Driving School and ease the worry you’ll feel when they take the keys for the first time. Contact us today to book lessons for your young adult and provide them with a skill they will have for life.

We prefer contact by phone regarding scheduling, questions, and concerns, etc. Thanks for your consideration.

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We prefer contact by phone regarding scheduling, questions, and concerns, etc. Thanks for your cooperation!

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