UPDATE: We can help teens obtain permit and complete behind-the-wheel requirements (6 hour observation time is eliminated here). Students also can use our online tools to register, schedule appointments and pay. Please always register first and APPOINTMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL A PREPAYMENT IS MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER SCHEDULING.

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Instructor Teaching Teen to Drive

Teens Driving Program in Chicago, IL

Learning to drive is an essential skill for anyone, especially because sharing the road requires a lot of focus and responsibility. In Illinois, you can start learning how to drive by the time you’re 15 years old, which means getting a suitable instructor is imperative. That’s why Citizens Driving School offers an excellent teens driving program in Chicago, IL. As a commercial driving school, we are a certified provider of the Illinois Secretary of State, making us a reliable source for driving help and expertise. Put your trust in our highly skilled and experienced instructors, and we’ll help you take your first steps towards a full license.

The License Process

Teens as young as 15 years old can start their license process, which is why they first need to obtain an instruction permit for a minimum of nine months. Teens aged 16 or 17 can earn their licenses if they successfully complete a state-approved teen education program and pass their driving tests.

Our Available Courses

Our driving classes for teens currently offer a sequential module course the requires students to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction within nine months after attending the first classroom session. The sessions are available every Friday from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Our sequential module course is so convenient, students can just show up on any available day.

What is Covered in the Program

  • 30 Hours Classroom.
  • Minimum 8 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (6 Hour Observation Time Eliminated)
  • Additional One-on-One Behind-the-Wheel Hours Instruction
  • Road Exam at DMV

Contact us today to learn more about our teens driving program and take your first step towards a full license.

Price for Complete Program

30 Hrs Class, 8 Hrs BTW: $535
30 Hrs Class, 10 Hrs BTW: $630
30 Hrs Class, 12 Hrs BTW: $725
30 Hrs Class, 50 Hrs BTW: $2540

Price for Partial Program

BTW hourly rate: $50
8 Hrs BTW only: $380
10 Hrs BTW only: $475
12 Hrs BTW only: $570
50 Hrs BTW only: $2375
DMV Road Exam: $110

Secretary of State completion filing fee: $50 Permit application fee: $80