UPDATE: We can help teens obtain permit and complete behind-the-wheel requirements (6 hour observation time is eliminated here). Students also can use our online tools to register, schedule appointments and pay. Please always register first and APPOINTMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL A PREPAYMENT IS MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER SCHEDULING.

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Affordable Driving Lessons in Chicago, IL

Citizens Driving School provides affordable driving lessons in Chicago, IL. Our service will surely meet your expectations. Contact us now to know more about our driving lessons.


Driving Lessons Basic Rate:
$50 for each one-hour session, $95 for each two-hour session (excluding highway)
$60 for each one-hour session, $115 for each two-hour session  (highway specialized, 55 mph & up)

DMV Road Exam Rate:
$110 (minimum 1 hour driving lesson required)

DMV Written Exam Preparation Rate:
$90 (instant review)

Six-Hour Adult Education Course Rate:
$100 (same-day certification)

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Combo Deals

EXPRESS I package:         (non rookie driver)

$155 = 1 hour behind the wheel + DMV road exam with appointment included

EXPRESS II package:        (non rookie driver)

$198 = 2 hours behind the wheel + DMV road exam with appointment included

BEGINNER package:

$460 = 8 hours behind the wheel + DMV road exam with appointment included


$550 = 10 hours behind the wheel + DMV road exam with appointment included



$635 = 12 hours behind the wheel + DMV road exam with appointment included


Adult Pricing - Is It Worth It?

For adults, enrolling in a driving school can be intimidating, but it’s ultimately a smart decision, no matter what age you are. Sometimes adult driving classes are required for those who have broken the law with a DUI charge or immigrants to the U.S. who are seeking American licenses. Whatever the situation may be, taking adult driving instruction can improve driving skills, like parallel parking and defensive driving. Driving and parking lessons in Chicago, IL, will help keep you safe while on the road.

The top benefits of choosing to take adult driving lessons include:

Learning a New Location’s Driving Rules

Enrolling in an adult driving school is a smart decision if you’ve moved to a new state or city. Traffic laws change between states, so lessons can help you learn how to navigate and manage the road in your new location.

Correcting Bad Habits

When you have driven for many years, you pick up some bad habits while behind the wheel. Taking driving and parking lessons with a professional driving instructor can help you identify any unsafe driving practices you’ve picked up over the years and teach you how to eliminate them.

Saving Money on Car Insurance Rates

Many car insurance companies offer discounts to those who have completed driving lessons, so check with your car insurance provider to see if this applies to you.

Mastering New or Advanced Driving Skills

Driving school is perfect for drivers that want to learn new skills and techniques or for brushing up on old ones. Many people struggle with parallel parking, but driving or parking lessons teach the correct way to master this and other advanced driving skills.