UPDATE: We can help teens obtain permit and complete behind-the-wheel requirements (6 hour observation time is eliminated here). Students also can use our online tools to register, schedule appointments and pay. Please always register first and APPOINTMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL A PREPAYMENT IS MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER SCHEDULING.

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Essential Driving Skills in Chicago, IL

Citizens Driving School provides all the essential driving skills in Chicago, IL. Aside from that, we also offer defensive driving and refresher courses for people who need to improve their skills. Our goal is to teach you all the skills you need to drive competently!

Refresher Courses

Make sure you remember how to drive after spending time away from the wheel. Our refresher courses are aimed at adults who have driven before. If you get your license and never drive, or have taken a break from driving, you might have forgotten important information. Dust off your skills with our refresher courses.

Highway Panic Driver Training

Uncomfortable driving on the highway? This class is for you. Many people do not use freeways because they are scared by the speed or nervous that they won't be able to exit. We work with you to ensure you are comfortable and confident. This class is tailored to the comfort level of each student and will run as long as necessary to get you comfortable.

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Urban Driving and Parallel Parking

Overcome your nervousness about driving in downtown Chicago. With complicated traffic patterns and lots of one-way streets, it is not easy, but anyone can learn to do it confidently. This class helps you be less nervous, and master skills like parallel parking and navigation. Just remember, people honk all the time!

All-Weather Driving

Drive safely on icy and rainy roads. We teach you how to drive in every weather condition, from snow to rain to fog.

Temporary Visitors Driver's License

Find out all about the new Temporary Visitors Driver's License (TVDL). We help people without a social security number register for licenses.

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